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Window air conditioners can make things pretty cool around your house in the summer.  So can older and semi-efficient central AC systems, attic fans, ceiling fans, window fans,  or some combination thereof.

Or, you can gather all those up (except the ceiling fans), send them to metal recycling land, and start fresh (as a daisy!) with a brand new, high efficiency air conditioning system…expertly designed and installed by the HVAC professionals at Bruce Solomon Plumbing, Heating & Air.

We design and install three main types of systems:

  • Central air
  • Ductless air (cooling alone, or heating and cooling combined)
  • Air source heat pumps (whole-house combined heating and cooling systems for the ultimate in comfort and energy savings)

The right system, designed to fit the unique requirements of your home.  Designed with equal care to fit your budget.

Ductless Air

Ductless air (also called split-air) systems, consist of:

  • Cooling only or heating and cooling combined
  • A remote outdoor condenser or heat pump
  • Mounted wall blowers
  • Remote control operation

Typical applications of ductless systems include:  new additions, retrofits, finished basements, sunrooms, and rooms that your central AC system can’t reach.  Each outside condensing unit can control up to five wall blowers.  With ductless air, you also get super quiet operation, room-to-room control, and far greater security than window units can provide.

Heat Pumps

At Bruce Solomon, we also design and install air source heat pumps, combined home heating and cooling systems that provide the ultimate in annual indoor comfort and energy savings.

Air source heat pumps, as the name suggests, pull heat from outside air and release it into your home during the winter months.  They’re effective even at temperatures as low as 0 Fahrenheit.  During the summer, they work as standard central air conditioning units.  Heat pumps can even be used as water heaters.

And while they cost more than stand-alone heating and cooling systems, over time you’ll enjoy total net savings with annual energy savings of about 40%.

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