Duct Sealing & Repair

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If your AC system isn’t doing its job, the problem could be way over your head.

We mean that literally. The “over your head part,” that is. As in, cracked, leaking, or separated ducts can be all it takes to lessen the effectiveness of your air conditioning system and drive your energy costs sky high.duct

Not getting the kind of cool air you want or need from your system? Then before you call us, grab a flashlight, head upstairs to your attic, and have a look around. Cracks and leaks typically are easy to find.

Duct Sealing Repair Service

If the problem requires professional assistance, we’ll be glad to handle it for you. While we’re there, we’ll look at all the duct work, tighten up any loose connections and see just how effectively it’s distributing the air to your home.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: leaking ducts not only allow cool air to escape into your attic, they attract and allow dirt, dust, and other pollutants to enter your living spaces. And then you have an indoor air quality problem on your hands.

So no matter how small or large the leaking or cracked duct problem might be, it’s one you want taken care of right away

May we be of assistance? At Bruce Solomon, we’re always ready to answer the call.