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Is there any noise more infuriating than the constant dripping of a leaky faucet? A leaking faucet can do a lot more than simply annoy you. Without repair, a leaking faucet can cause corroding in your pipes and waste hundreds of gallons of water per month. You pay for that water – don’t let it go to waste!

As one of the most heavily used appliances in the household, it’s no wonder than faucets break from time to time. When you factor in the many fragile components of a modern faucet like he washer and O-rings, a breakdown is seemingly inevitable. Fortunately for you we are staffing plenty of leaky faucet repair professionals at Bruce Solomon Plumbing!

If you’re looking to have a leaky faucet repaired, don’t hesitate – call us today! Or if you’re feeling a bit shy, simply fill out the form to the right and a plumbing professional will contact you shortly.

Leaking Faucet Repair Services

At Bruce Solomon Plumbing we’ve haven’t come across a leaky faucet we weren’t able to fix, not in 30 years! It’s time to face the music – your faucets will break, it’s just a matter of when. That’s why we offer fast, emergency repairs throughout the Baltimore City area. Give us a call if you need help with any of the following:

  • Outdoor faucet repair
  • Shower faucet repair
  • Bathtub faucet repair
  • Laundry tub faucet repair
  • Kitchen faucet repair