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A new heating system can do even more to enhance your family’s indoor comfort when it’s equipped with one or more programmable thermostats.

If, for example, the last person leaves your house by 8 am, Monday through Friday, and the first person returns by 3 PM, you can pre-program your thermostat to a lower setting while no one’s home while making sure things are nice and cozy again when family members return for the evening.

Today’s programmable thermostats can be programmed hour by hour, and day up day, up to 7 days in advance. Some even operate via remote control, which is a great convenience should your plans suddenly deviate from the norm.

Looking to cut your energy bills even more? Then ask one of our home comfort specialists about whole-house zoning, especially if you have one or more rooms that rarely if ever get used and your whole house is now on a single zone.

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