Toilet Installation & Repair

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Ever been stuck in a house with a toilet that you can’t use? It’s not a pleasant experience. Even if it’s simply a bad clog or a broken flange, toilet repair and replacement is something that simply can’t wait. Everyone has to go sometime!

At Bruce Solomon Plumbing we know just how vital it is to have your clogged toilets repaired, or a new toilet installed right away. When it comes to running, leaky, and clogged toilets, there’s nothing our Master Plumbers haven’t seen!

Give us a call today or fill out the form to your right and we’ll be out to you and fixing your toilet faster than you can find the plunger!

Toilet Installation and Repair Services

We all know that awful feeling when you flush the toilet and hear nothing but gurgling before the entire thing stops running – a few of us know the sheer panic felt when you first see the water rising to the lip of the bowl. To help ease your fears, we offer full-service emergency toilet repairs throughout Baltimore and Carroll County. Give us a call if you need help with any of:

  • Toilet installation
  • Running toilet repair
  • Toilet flush valve repair
  • Toilet flange repair
  • Toiler flapper repair
  • Toilet gasket replacement
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Clogged toilet repair