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As someone who takes pride in your person and home, you wouldn’t think of going to work in dirty clothes. Serving a meal on dirty dishes. Or inviting guests over without first cleaning your bathroom from top to bottom.

The point? Well, each of the above actions involves water. And yet, the vast majority of U.S. households have hard water conditions.water-treatment-graphic

Here are the primary telltale symptoms:

  • A filmy haze on your drinking glasses.
  • Whitish scaly deposits on your faucets, shower doors or tea kettle.
  • Scaly deposits you can’t see, but nevertheless are damaging the inside of your pipes, dish washer, and other appliances.
  • Dry, dull skin and hair.
  • Whites that turn yellow in the wash, and colors that fade.

Other Common Water Problems.

Acidic Water – Water with a low pH factor (less than 6.5) can be highly acidic and corrosive. If, for example, you notice a blue-green stain on your laundry, sinks, or drains, chances are your water needs to be treated. Acidic water also can leach unhealthy levels of metal ions – such as lead, manganese, and copper – into your fresh water supply.

Excess Iron – How can you tell if there’s too much iron in your water? By the brown stains in your toilet or on your clothes…definitely not a pretty sight.

Chemical Contamination – This is the most serious of all water problems. Excess levels of radon, industrial waste, chlorine, nitrates, and other chemicals can cause serious health issues…the kind, though, that can readily be prevented and eliminated.

Whole-House Water Filtration

At Bruce Solomon, our water quality specialists provide numerous custom-developed clean water solutions. Here’s just some of what we have to offer.

  • Water Testing – There’s no point in making a recommendation until we know exactly what conditions, if any, need to be treated.
  • Whole-House Water Filtration – This assures you of pure water to drink, cook and wash with from every faucet and all other water sources in your home. No more chemical problems, hard water conditions, and less wear and tear on your pipes and fixtures…there’s a lot to recommend it!
  • Single-Source Water Filtration – If most of your potable (drinkable) water comes from a single tap, this is a more affordable and practical alternative. Single-source water filters are frequently installed under kitchen sinks, but they have other practical uses, such as for a bar sink. The filter installs under the sink and connects to a dedicated faucet you can reserve for cooking, drinking, and every other clean water need you might have, such as washing a scratch on your child’s leg.
  • Chemical Remediation – Our water filtration pros also can help rid your home and property from the ill effects of radon and other chemical and industrial waste pollutants.

On any given day, you have plenty to be concerned about. The quality of your water supply shouldn’t be on that list.